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FAQs—Septic System “Need to Knows”

Q: Do I need to service my septic system annually?
A: The average septic tank should only need to be pumped once every 36 to 48 months. However, we do recommend a regular maintenance plan to assure “problem-free” service and eliminate emergency pumping needs.
Q: How can I tell if my septic tank needs pumping?
A: There are many indicators of a full tank, clogged filter or faulty system, none of which are pleasant. You could experience simple gurgling sounds when you flush your toilet, slower than normal draining of sinks, odors raising from drains and/or seepage of bubbling liquid around the lid of your tank lid.
Q: Do I need an inspection of my septic system to buy or sell a residence or business?
A: Different counties have different rules. Plus, rules change: so ALWAYS contact the county that your residence or business resides in for the latest regulations.

  • Snohomish County: Currently Snohomish County’s Department of Health does not require inspections. However, an operational inspection of your system is highly recommended prior to buying, and recommended by many lending institutions.
  • King County: Currently King County Health Department requires a septic system inspection, performed by a licensed Onsite System Maintainer (OSM) prior to the title transfer of residual properties. Kingsgate Septic’s OCM’s will complete inspection, submit your Operation/Performance report and As-Built filing to fulfill all requirements.
Q: Do I need to take extra care in what I dispose in my sinks?
A: Yes, most definitely. Care is necessary to provide your system a longer period before needed service.

  • Don’t use your sink as a garbage pan … place all solids, such as egg shells, coffee grounds, tea bags, paper products, grease, hair etc. in your garbage can and/or compost.
  • BEWARE of “special additives” that promise to “enhance” your system … they often cause major damage resulting in additionsl service and repair costs.
  • Where possible, conserve water. Don’t over tax your system and wastewater by overwatering lawns, car washes, leaking faucets.
  • Conserve wastewater during laundry cycles by combining loads, reducing water levels and clearing your washer filter and installing an additional lint filter.
Q: Can I dump my RV holding tank into my system?
A: In one word…NEVER! Only use approved RV dumping services.
Q: Can I work on my tank myself?
A: NO, the gases within the tank are extremely dangerous. Depleted oxygen levels make the tanks potentially fatal. Never enter a tank and keep all children and pets away from the tank lid and drain field. Only let a professional service your system.

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