What to Do Before a Septic Tank Inspection in Kingsgate

septic tank inspectionIs it time for a septic tank inspection? Inspections are an important part of homeownership. Neglecting regular inspections or a septic tank pumping can result in costly septic repairs. The expense of repairing or replacing your septic system is substantial, so it behooves you to be proactive. How frequently you need an inspection will depend on multiple factors, such as the size of your tank, the number of occupants in your household, and average water usage. To ensure the inspection runs smoothly, here are several ways you can prepare.

Have Septic Tank Design Plans Ready

One of the first things the technician will ask is where your system is located. Knowing the location or having a copy of your tank design plans on hand will expedite the process and possibly even lower your bill.

Make Access Easier

Is your septic system cover located below ground level? If so, it may be a good idea to uncover it prior to the inspector’s arrival. Some companies will charge a surplus fee for this service.

Have a List

Have you noticed problems with your septic system? Perhaps you’re having issues with your pipes or drainage or notice frequent backups. Have a list of problems you’d like to enquire about or address with your septic specialist. Don’t be afraid to ask questions; this is what the inspector is here for.

Schedule a Septic Tank Inspection Today

Is it time to schedule a septic tank inspection? Don’t put off this critical aspect of homeownership. Holding it off can be detrimental to your system. Contact Kingsgate Septic in the Kingsgate area for inspections and repairs today. For the convenience of our customers, we provide both residential and commercial septic services. Call us directly at (360) 842–0220 to schedule an appointment.

Septic Tank Inspection

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