Questions to Ask a Septic Contractor

septic contractorAre you looking for a professional septic contractor in your region? There are likely many companies to choose from. Whether you need a septic system inspection or septic tank pumping, picking a reliable septic contractor warrants special consideration. Allowing someone to work on your septic system without the right training and experience can result in frustration and more expensive repairs down the line. Here are several questions you should ask before signing a contract.

Do You Have a License?

Enquire about the company’s certifications and licensing. A license means the company is officially registered as a septic service provider at the municipal or state level.

Who Completes the Required Work?

Knowing who will complete your septic service and repair is important. Many companies have multiple crew members. It’s always a good idea to speak with the specific individual who will be overseeing your project. Ask the technician how many years he/she has been in the industry, or the school he/she attended for training.

How Much Do the Services Cost?

Make sure that the cost of materials and labor is included in the estimate before signing any contract. Knowing the grand total beforehand will help you budget for your current needs as well as future projects.

Have More Questions for a Professional Septic Contractor?

If you’re looking to hire a dependable septic contractor, Kingsgate Septic can help. We provide a variety of septic system services for both homeowners and businesses. We are happy to answer any questions before beginning inspections and repair work. For more information about our company and the services we offer, call us at (360) 842–0220 to schedule an appointment.

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