How to Prepare for Septic Tank Pumping in Bothell

septic tank pumping

When was the last time you scheduled septic tank pumping services in Bothell, Washington? Regular septic tank pumping is essential for your system. While the exact frequency will depend upon your tank size and household usage, the average tank requires pumping every five years. Before contacting your local septic service company for assistance, however, it’s important to prepare adequately for your appointment. Keep the following preparation tips in mind:

Schedule Regular Inspections

In truth, you should begin preparing for septic pumping well in advance by scheduling regular septic inspections. Also, properly managing your water usage now can greatly extend the lifespan of your system.

Collect Any Necessary Records

As with any major household feature, it’s important to maintain documentation. Make sure you have tank records handy and that you can tell the septic professional the age, size and capacity of your tank. This will help the septic tank pumping process be smoother.

Be Financially Prepared for Surprises

Setting a budget for septic tank pumping is a good idea, but make sure you include funds for possible surprises. This is especially true if you’ve gone longer than recommended between services. Unexpected septic system repair may be necessary.

Time for Septic Tank Pumping in Bothell?

Is it time to schedule septic tank pumping in Bothell, Washington? Now that you know how to properly prepare for this service, it’s time to take action. Contact Kingsgate Septic in Lake Stevens to request a free consultation today. Our highly-trained septic specialists have served the Bothell community for many years and always provide expert advice, quality workmanship and unbeatable customer care. With years of experience in the industry, you can trust that we have the knowledge, skills and equipment to complete your maintenance, repair or installation quickly and efficiently. We can also plan and coordinate septic system installations for your home or business.

Septic Tank Pumping in Bothell

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