What You Should Know About Buying a Home with a Septic System in Issaquah

septic system homeAre you or someone you know considering purchasing a home with a septic system in Issaquah, Washington? If you’ve always used city sewer systems in the past, transitioning can seem quite daunting. While there are many benefits to having as septic system on your property, it certainly isn’t for everyone. Before making your final purchase decision, take time to thoroughly investigate the differences. Regarding this, a local septic service company can provide you with a lot of helpful insight. You should also keep the following factors in mind as you decide whether or not to purchase a home with a septic system in Issaquah.

Septic Systems Aren’t Uncommon

Just because you’ve never had one before, doesn’t mean that septic systems are uncommon. In fact, approximately 25% of homes have them. Many rural homeowners prefer them. 

Septic Systems Are Easy to Understand

Septic systems aren’t very complicated. Simply put, they transfer waste and wastewater from inside your home to a tank buried outside. They require regular septic system inspections and, when the tank is full, septic tank pumping.

Septic Systems are Separate from Wells

Many homes with a septic system also have a well. It’s important to realize, however, that these two features are separate. It is possible, however, to find homes with a septic system that rely on water supplied by a nearby city. Discuss your specific situation with a septic professional before making an offer.

Want to Speak with a Septic System Specialist in Issaquah?

Do you want to speak with a septic system specialist in Issaquah, Washington? If you need advice or would like to schedule an inspection prior to buying a new home, contact the experts at Kingsgate Septic in Lake Stevens today! Our contractors also have the training and skills necessary to assist with septic system installation and septic system repair.

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