Signs You Need Grease Trap Cleaning in Woodinville

grease trap cleaningDo you own or manage a restaurant in Woodinville, Washington? If so, when was the last time you scheduled grease trap cleaning? Whether you’re new to the business or have been working in the industry for years, you should know how important this process is. To remain open, you must meet local municipal grease trap regulations and keep appropriate records of all maintenance, repairs, and disposals performed. In addition to mandated cleaning, make sure you schedule grease trap cleaning with a septic service company in Woodinville when you notice the following signs.

Strong Smells

Not only are strong smells annoying for customers and employees alike, they are a clear sign that it’s time to schedule grease trap cleaning. When waste sits in your pipes, it eventually produces unpleasant odors. If the smell is primarily coming from you sink drains, it’s time to schedule cleaning. No one wants to deal with a smelly kitchen, so contact a septic professional today!

Plumbing Problems

When your grease trap is too full, it will also impact the plumbing in other areas of your restaurant. In fact, all of your pipes will begin to drain slowly. If you’re struggling with plumbing problems throughout your entire facility, grease trap cleaning may help.

Poor Drainage

The purpose of a grease trap is to catch grease and food solids, thereby preventing them from entering your drain system. Once the trap is full, however, there’s nowhere for the excess waste to go. When this happens, you’re likely to experience poor drainage and clogged pipes. Address this immediately by scheduling an appointment with a septic repair contractor.

Need Professional Grease Trap Cleaning Services in Woodinville?

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Grease Trap Cleaning in Woodinville

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