Signs You Need a Septic System Replacement in Redmond

septic system replacement signsAre you wondering if a septic system replacement is in your future in Redmond, Washington? A residential system should last for decades when maintained properly, but unexpected problems or neglect can cause the need for early replacement. To avoid this, make sure to ask your septic service company to inspect your septic system periodically. There are several noticeable warning signs that will tell you when you need a septic system replacement in Redmond.

Well Water Contamination

Contaminated well water is a clear indicator of a failing septic system. For the safety of yourself and your family, it’s absolutely imperative that your well water be clear of contamination. Most water companies will include a well water test with septic system inspections!

Sewage Backup

A properly functioning septic system should handle all of your home’s sewage without difficulty. A backup indicates that your system isn’t functioning as it should, which can quickly become an expensive problem. Call a specialist immediately to see if septic repairs or replacement is necessary.

Drain Field Flooding

Periodic septic tank pumping should keep your septic system from flooding. If you do notice standing water in your drain field, however, it can be a sign of an problem. Any flooding should be investigated by a septic system professional to catch potential damage early.

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