Septic System Tips

Septic System TipsIf you have recently installed a new septic system or upgraded your existing one, you’ll want to make sure you do everything you can to get the most out of it. The good news is that there are some specific steps you can take to help keep it well maintained and cared for over time. If you follow these septic system tips, you probably won’t need septicy system repairs.

Tips to Help you Get the Most Out of your Septic System

1. Have Your System Inspected Every Year

An annual inspection performed by a qualified technician will alert you to minor problems. You can then repair them before they turn into bigger ones that will be more difficult (and expensive) to fix.

2. Don’t Save Up Your Laundry For the Weekend

You use your septic system daily for the toilet, showers, dishwashing, cooking, etc. To manage the flow going through the system, do your laundry throughout the week. This will avoid a high level of water use at one time.

3. Install Low-Flow Appliances and Fixtures

When renovating and upgrading in your home, make a point of choosing low-flow appliances and fixtures when possible. They will reduce the volume of water your family uses significantly and help your septic system last longer.

4. Don’t Throw Grease or Food Down the Drain

As a general rule, anything that cannot dissolve shouldn’t be disposed of down your household drain. Cooking grease may look like a liquid, but as it cools it turns into a solid and may interfere with your septic system. If you put fat and grease down your drain, you may end up replacing the entire septic system much earlier than if you dispose of these household items in the garbage.

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